Tips on Using Non Toxic Nail Polish

These days, more and more people are becoming aware on the benefits that come with the use of a non toxic nail polish. However, finding a good and trendy non toxic water-based nail polish is a hard task to many individuals; especially when they like these items to match a particular outfit. A beautiful manicure and pedicure can highly improve one’s appearance; but if the right nail polish is not used, you are likely exposing yourself and other people to harmful chemicals.

Most nail polish brands are made of chemical ingredients found in ordinary factories and most of them expose their employees to health risks unknowingly. The chemical aromas you get in a nail polish should raise a red flag of possible body contamination with toxic chemicals as these come from ingredients that are proven toxic.

shellac nail polish colors

Possible Effects of Using Toxic Nail Polish

If you’re using chemical-based nail polishes at present, you might want to know that they will leave you with these negative effects:

  • Using toxic nail polish exposes a person to the risk of asthma attack, reproductive complications and developmental effects.
  • Animals used to test some of these chemical nail polishes have been found to develop cancer and affect the male reproductive systems based on lab tests on animals. Some of the toxic ingredients found on ordinary polishes include:
  • Toluene – This ingredient has been found to cause dizziness and intoxication when inhaled or absorbed to the body through nails and skins.
  • Formaldehyde – This chemical is reported to have carcinogenic effects on humans.

Tips and Warnings

This calls for caution when choosing which nail polish and nail polish remover to use since most of them are not labeled. Individuals should therefore be keen in choosing nail polish that is free from the above chemicals for their safety.

Shellac nail polish

Although there are a number of non-toxic nail polish brands in the market today, some manufacturers combine safety with beautifully-colored polishes to match the needs of every woman. One good example is Shellac, a brand that allows women to choose from a wide variety of colors that will flatter their outfits. This non toxic nail polish combines the power of gel and ordinary polishes; which makes it a preferable choice to both users and manicurists. This polish is incredibly long-lasting and prevents nail damage that other nail polish brands cannot provide. If you are looking for a non toxic kids nail polish, this brand will provide your child with a safe beauty solution.

non toxic nail polish for kids

Non toxic nail polish remover

Many non toxic nail polish brands can be removed by using ordinary polish removers. However, these nail polish removers are been considered by experts as unhealthy. Some of the polish removers have toxic fumes which can be harmful if inhaled; hence, people are advised to apply them only on areas that are well-ventilated and ensure that the lid of the polish remover is kept closed to prevent fumes from escaping the container.

Granted, you can apply a non toxic nail polish at home; however, it is more advisable to have a manicurist do the task since she is most likely aware of all safety precautions that can minimize possible effects. By doing this, you will not only save your health from possible risks, but will also get well-polished nails that look more appealing.